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Boston Fresh provides the freshest produce in New England

Boston Fresh is a wholesale produce distributor located in Massachusetts, servicing customers in the northeast region of the United States. We offer select services designed to meet very specific customer needs:

  • Whole Case Produce
  • Split Case Produce
  • Tomato Repacking
  • Fresh Cut Operations
  • Consolidation and Forwarding
  • Certified by Baystate Organic Certifiers

With a dedication to food safety and the produce traceability initiative, Boston Fresh is committed to mastering the challenges of an evolving supply chain. Our focus on understanding customer niches allows us to identify specific needs and customize programs that support the ultimate success of our customers’ business.  The produce industry presents an ever-changing environment and that’s why our future plans include a new, state-of-the- industry building, a fresh-cut operation and a dedicated logistics team.

Contact us at (508) 927-6103 to learn how our custom produce programs support your produce strategy.

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